Ios iphone ipad tips tricks and ipad iphone troubleshooting.

This article provide you many tips tricks and troubleshooting for iphone ipad and ipod.

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Iphone home button tips

Iphone 7 has home screen button with hard touch sensitive but it is hard solid button unlike other touch screen has glass here is physical button touch sensitive. It works on vibration. Iphone home button located at bottom center. It is touch sensitive you don’t need to press iphone home button, you just tap on home button.

To set vibration intensity of iphone home button. go to setting – general- home button

Here choose your click you have 3 option there

And  tap on any one number  or tap on option  then press the home button to give it a try. To set the one you like the best. Tap done which is on top right corner.


Now you can do so many thing under home button.

          So now tap on accessibility just below home button.

Now there are many option – scroll down and find home button under accessibility.

          This will alow you to set click speed. And also allow to open iphone with click to do so turn on rest finger to open. When you turn on Reset finger to open – you don’t need to unlock iphone just put your finger on home screen and it open iphone screen. You don’t need to unlock iphone screen.

Like in computer you have magnifier option on you iphone,

Tips to activate magnifier on ipad iphone camera

Go to ipad iphone setting- general –accessibility- megnifier.

This megnifier is for camera. Like you can zoom in and zoom out.

Now tap 3 time home button this will open camera with megnifier. If you directly open camera without turning on magnifier it will open camera without megnifier. Once you have taken camera photos with megnifier it is stored at camera roll. You can tranasfer those selfie photos from ipad iphone to computer.


Iphone ipad tips for how to secure lock screen content.

Go to iphone setting – find touch id & passcode –enter your passcode – scroll down and find – allow acess when locked –

There are following option today view , notification view , siri , reply with message , home control , wallet. Now disable all this option. If you don’t disable these option then even your iphone is screen locked other can slide on iphone screen and view this information. This can transfer your valuable data from iphone to others.


Disable access to control  when screen locked

Go to iphone setting – control center – turn off access on locked screen. Also disable access within apps.

You should turn off this option also otherwise anyway who have access to your iphone ipad can turn on wifi bluetooth even if your iphone screen is locked. And by tricks  he can transfer your valueable file photos video from your iphone to other devices.


Iphone ipad wifi troubleshooting

Iphone ipad wifi troubleshooting. Wifi is very useful for internet, for external links for paying members only itunes. Even you can sync your iphone file to itunes via wifi.

Here is iphone wifi troubleshooting

Go to setting – and turn on wifi

1)      Make sure airplane mode is off. When mobile iphone ipad is on airplane mode only basic function can work. So in that case wifi will not work


2)      There are few wifi network on which you previously connected. And if you are having problem connecting with those network. Then tap on that network and click on forget this network.

Now search for new network and when you find desire network tap on it, if it is password protected than it ask for passcode, enter passcode to connect wifi network.


3)      Even if doing so you are not able to connect wifi network then restart your iphone ipad or ipad.

And after that repeat step2.


4)      Even after step 3 you are not able to connect wifi on your iphone / ipad or ipod. Than force restart your iphone to troubleshoot your iphone.


          To force restart iphone simultaneously press and hold home button and wake button and when your iphone or ipad screen goes blank and you got logo on iphone screen. It show that you have force restart your iphone /ipad.


5)      Turn off location services on your iphone ipad.


       Apple build database for open wifi network or free wifi network. To to create this database it need enabled location services for wifi network on your iphone and ipad. When you connected any open wifi network that data goes to apple database. This is useful when you don’t have data connection. This may cause wifi connection problem.


So go to setting - privacy – location service – under system services – turn off wifi networking. This will disable location for wifi network.


6)      If all above method fail to troubleshoot wifi connection then it is advisable to reset all wifi network setting to default. Resetting wifi network setting will not affect your iphone ipad data video songs etc. so you don’t need to transfer your ipod data like video song photo to computer etc.


      To reset iphone network setting – go to ipad iphone setting – general – tap on reset – tap on reset network setting. Confirm to reset network setting.



7)      Use other device to connect same wifi network like use your android phone to connect that particular wifi network if android device easily connect to that network than problem with your  iphone.


8)      None of above can solve iphone ipad wifi problem then last option is to restore your iphone.

For that connect your iphone to computer via usb cable. Install latest version of itunes on your computer. Then restore your iphone using itunes. Before restoring iphone , ipad or ipod first take backup of your iphone ipod. Transfer all your music songs mp3 video photo gallery to some other devices.

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